lint by me, Jack Spencer.
The Home Of Stupid Crap by me, Jack Spencer, and Anand Balasubramanyan.
Anand To The Extreme by Anand Balasubramanyan.
Road Waffles by 8. Follow the adventures of The Shotgun Toting Chipmunk, Peco Peyote the Mescal Cactus, and Bot, the bus with legs. Oh yeah, and all the main charecters too. Very violent and possibly offensive. Even has some lesbian sex in it. Therefore a great comic.
Red Meat by Max Cannon. The most sadistic, sick and twisted comic I've ever read. Out of 10, I give it a billion.
The Mr. Chuck Show Madcap and zany adventures. Yippee.
Sinfest One of the most pimp-daddy-licious comics I've ever read. WASABI THE PIMP NINJA!!!!!!!
Bob 'N' Ed by "Wierd" Al Cooper. Bob 'N' Ed are two lazy-ass slackers who get abducted by aliens. Plus a talking cat! A very entertaining and obscure comic.
Pshyco Parrot by El Bobo. This comic made me laugh, cry, and get a strange craving for 3-day old waffles.
Superosity by Chris Crosby. People who wear capes and devour candy souls. Was #91 on the top 100 comics list! How about that!
Krazy Larry by Paul Southworth. Watch Larry and his freinds go on barely legal adventures involoving sharp things and pink lobsters. Uh... you'd probably better just read it yourself...
BoxJam's Doodle by BoxJam. Doodles have never been so damn funny.
You Damn Kid A comic about dysfunctional families and embarresing memories. One of the few comics that made me fall off my chair laughing.
Karva Komix by Jesse "Karva" Blough. A stick figure comic that joins the ranks of the other great inappropiate comics of our time.
Sven.Com The complete list of people named Sven!!!! Hee Hee!!! Sven is a funny name!!! Look for Sven Svenson from New York City! He's a... very close freind of mine.
Keenspot Great comics. So great, my comic wasn't able to make it on there!
Keenspace Two of my comics are on Keenspace. Obviously they have very low standards.
Big Panda Another good place for comics. Don't ask me why. I just like the name. BIG PANDA!!!!! HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

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